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Block Printing Inks

It's important to use the right ink when relief printing, whether you're using one of our many types of lino, QuickPrint or wood blocks. These special Block Printing Inks are slightly tacky in their nature, so when they're applied to the carved block with a roller, they will stick to the smooth, raised surface without flowing into the carved lines. This ensures a crisply defined, dense and even print.

The majority of our inks can be cleaned up using soap and water, most of these are water-based but some are oil-based such as Caligo Safe Wash Inks and our fantastic Speedball Fabric Block Printing Inks. We also offer professional block printing oil colours but for a sticky and dense water-based block printing ink for printing onto paper, try our Specialist Crafts Premium Block Printing Watercolours. They have the perfect tack, are intermixable and great value!