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Specialist Crafts Glue Sticks - 20g. Pack of 12

Specialist Crafts Glue Sticks - 20g. Pack of 12
Product Code: B224E
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Our glue sticks really stick!

There are numerous different brands of glue stick on the market. Some are better than others and some are far more expensive than others. However what's most important, is that it does what it says on the label and that's exactly what our stick does!

Artist's Testimonial

"I've noticed how glue sticks have become such an important part of classroom creativity. The big bonus is their very fast drying time, enabling reliefs to be built up quickly and securely. The glue is less fluid than PVA but really useful for heavier and constructed collage work. The trick is in choosing a brand that does stick and the Specialist Crafts Glue Sticks do just that. Something that can't be said of others!"
Michael Brennand-Wood, Visual artist, curator, lecturer and arts consultant.

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