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Speedball Fabric Block Printing Inks - Black

Speedball Fabric Block Printing Inks - Black. Each
Product Code: P683A570
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Hints & Tips

For best results, never apply too much ink to your rolling-out surface. You are listening for a nice gentle sticky noise when applying the ink to the roller. Too much ink will result in gloopy and uneven application; too little will give patchy results.

Teacher's Testimonial

"I was a little apprehensive about oil based inks - I wondered if my students (and me) would create a terrible mess - but with this product it was quite the opposite! The inks are in small, easy to handle tubes. A little goes a long way as the consistency is thick and sticky so it goes where you want it to and not everywhere else.
The application is even and, most spectacularly, they come in a vivid array of deeply pigmented colours that set this product apart from anything I have used in the classroom before. They don't take too long to dry and can be washed after one week instead of a laborious ironing process, so projects are simpler to complete.
I used this ink with roller and polystyrene block printing methods with pupils aged 12-14. They were all really happy with the results and tried using them on paper, card and two types of mixed fabrics. A couple of small smudges were easily cleaned up and the results were consistent ad effective. I am definitely recommending Speedball Fabric Block Printing Inks to my art and design department."
Hayley Fern, Teacher - Rawlins Academy, Quorn.

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